salivary gland head and neck cancer introduction page oral cavity oropharynx (soft palate, tonsil, base of tongue) larynx (voice box) hypopharynx (pyriform sinus, posterior phanryngeal wall, post-cricoid region) nasal cavity/paranasal sinuses nasopharynx salivary glands paragangliomas (glomus tumors) thyroid salivary gland •background •signs and symptoms •clinical evaluation •treatment •follow-up background there are two major salivary glands in the neck. order viagra The parotid gland is the larger of the two, and it is located just in front of the ear. buy viagra online The nerve leading to the muscles of the face (facial nerve) runs through and branches within the parotid gland. Approximately 20 percent of the tumors occurring in this gland are malignant. The other gland is called the submandibular gland, which is located below the lower jawline. bayer viagra pfizer Approximately 50 percent of tumors affecting this gland are malignant. cheap viagra The two most common type of malignancies are called mucoepidermoid and adenoid cystic carcinomas. price viagra walmart pharmacy The adenoid cystic carcinoma is characterized by early involvement of nearby nerves, with the ability to spread by traveling along these nerves. order viagra online Each type of malignant tumor has its own potential to spread to adjacent lymph nodes. Top signs and symptoms the most common sign is an enlarging mass developing in the salivary gland. viagra for women herbally Often, the more aggressive tumors grow faster. There may be associated pain. In the parotid gland, tumor involvement of the facial nerve may cause a weakness of part of the face. viagra maximum dose Clinical evaluation the physician will first obtain a history of the symptoms and then perform a thorough physical examination of the head and neck. viagra for women herbally The size of the mass will be noted, as well as involvement of adjacent lymph nodes and facial nerve weakness. viagra sales canada A fine needle aspiration biopsy will be performed help to define the type of salivary gland tumor. A fine needle aspiration biopsy involves inserting a small needle into the mass and withdrawing cells. viagra for women herbally The pathologist examines these cells under a microscope to see if they are cancerous. A ct scan (which uses x-rays to create a two-dimensional image of the area), an mri scan (which uses a magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy to visualize the detailed anatomy), and/or a pet scan (which creates computerized images of the metabolic changes that occur in tissue), will also aid in visualizing the extent of t. generic viagra for sale in usa viagra company headquarters landscaping
Welcome to DITE Service
Established in 1997. The office is located at 73. Old airport road. Laion Shopping complex (2nd floor). Room number 310, Tejgaon, Dhaka-1215.
Mobile: 01818214827

Proprietor: Mr. Dinesh Majumder. Worked as cleaner’s supervisor & manager for major cleaning companies in town for more than 12 years in different international and UN Organization and thus gathered adequate knowledge on the cleaning and maintenance activities.

A house for quality logistics support service.



After working for a long period in this trade, it was realized that the actual work in being performed by the workforce under effective supervision. The rich people form the.....
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Dite has a huge valued client list that proved the best service in this sector. Our client list are as follows:
Save the Childred, UNDP, UNESCO, City Bank ....
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-- Cleaning services,
-- Photocopy/Spiral Binding,
 --Office Stationary Suppliers,
-- Maintenance work,
-- Horticulture &
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73, Old Air Port Road, Laion Shoping Complex (2nd floor), Room No. 310, Tejgaon, Dhaka-1215.
Mob: 01818-214827; 01815-443851,
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