Welcome to DITE Service
Established in 1997. The office is located at 73. Old airport road. Laion Shopping complex (2nd floor). Room number 310, Tejgaon, Dhaka-1215.
Mobile: 01818214827

Proprietor: Mr. Dinesh Majumder. Worked as cleaner’s supervisor & manager for major cleaning companies in town for more than 12 years in different international and UN Organization and thus gathered adequate knowledge on the cleaning and maintenance activities.

A house for quality logistics support service.

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After working for a long period in this trade, it was realized that the actual work in being performed by the workforce under effective supervision. The rich people form the.....
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Our Valued Clients

Dite has a huge valued client list that proved the best service in this sector. Our client list are as follows:
Save the Childred, UNDP, UNESCO, City Bank ....
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-- Cleaning services,
-- Photocopy/Spiral Binding,
 --Office Stationary Suppliers,
-- Maintenance work,
-- Horticulture &
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Contact Us

73, Old Air Port Road, Laion Shoping Complex (2nd floor), Room No. 310, Tejgaon, Dhaka-1215.
Mob: 01818-214827; 01815-443851,
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